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Spirit of the Miners

Spirit of the Miners is a community regeneration project that sets out to create an identity for northern Ceredigion using the legacy of metal mining as a theme for regeneration. The project will mainly focus on the human, social and community aspects of mining culture. The website is a key part of the overall project, offering a means of delivery of information regarding grants that are available to local groups as well as information for the general public.

The website was developed in two stages. Initially a simple 6 page site was created to publicise the existence of the project, and to provide basic information about the project aims and the various forms for local groups to download.

The main site was then developed, which aims to present the area to a wider audience, and includes information on the history of the area, things to see and do etc.

Technical features: A fully bi-lingual site. The site uses content management tools to allow the project officers to create, amend and extend the main site content - text, images, pdf files - themselves. The temporary site used a combination of HTML and PHP. The main live site uses PHP, CSS and MySQL datbases. An animated cartoon was developed in Shockwave to illustrate the history of mining in the area.

Development partners: The project was a joint development with mach2media.
Live date: June 2006
Live site

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