Bi-lingual websites

Creating a bi-lingual website is much more than simply having pages and menus in each language and a button that swaps back to the home page of the other language.

Technoleg Taliesin specialises in developing bi-lingual and multilingual websites, particularly sites in Welsh and English. When your customers speak many languages, it is important that you can speak to them in their preferred language (and we are happy to discuss business with our customers in English or Welsh, or even Spanish, as they prefer).

All our website development is based on site structures and development tools that assume a site will be bi-lingual or multi-lingual. Each page can have content in multiple languages and when the user changes language, they remain on the same page. Also, where we offer tools to add news or event diaries to websites they are fully multilingual.

Whilst some of our customers only want single language sites (Welsh or English), many choose a bi-lingual site. We have created many bi-lingual sites in Wales (Welsh-English) and also abroad, for example in Argentina (Spanish-Welsh-English), Chile (Spanish-English) and for projects involving multiple EU partners, involving up to six different languages (such as German, French, and Bulgarian).

You can see examples of our bi-lingual websites in the portfolio.

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